Janne Mark

Kaleidoscopic traveller in music, life and art.

ACT artist since 2018 with the release of Pilgrim and Kontinent (2020). Both albums are created in close co-operation with Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen and for the album Kontinent the collaboration is expanded with Norwegian hardanger fiddler Nils Økland. Completed with longtime collaborators Henrik Gunde (pno) and Esben Eyermann (bass) along with drummer Bjørn Heebøll.

International recognized hymnwriter translated into English and German and published in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scotland.

“I am fascinated by the borderlessness that melody represents. Melodies, when shared among people in communal singing especially, disregard borders and fringes, and have a way of finding a path of their own”. 

Awarded in 2018 with the album Pilgrim by The Danish Arts Foundation, Jazznyt Prisen (DK) and Danish Music Awards Jazz with a nomination for Best Vocal Jazz Album of The Year.

Represented in the prestigious Danish Folk High School Songbook 19th edition 2020 with no less than 6 titles. A cornerstone collection of songs for communal singing founded in 1894 to become an institution among songbooks worldwide, presenting several editions in a straight line until today.

Collaboration with Danish poets Naja Marie Aidt, Pia Tafdrup and Halfdan Rasmussen (1915-2002) and with Scottish composer, pastor and hymnwriter John L. Bell.